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wooden building blocks – the classic in every child`s room

Everyone knows and loves them: the good old wooden building blocks.
We have submitted them to a renaissance.
Rosemeyers wooden building blocks are classical toys in a new garb. From the very beginning wooden blocks are a good choice.
They do not flood the children with stimuli and give them the opportunity to choose what they want to play. It seems that the kids knew instinctively what is good for them.
But before they go to the conscious playing, is around the second birthday, it`s about grasping, feeling, biting and sucking. And what plastic toy can bring naturalness to the children like beautiful smooth sanded wooden building blocks or wooden figures do?
Unconscious occupation with wooden building blocks becomes conscious playing very quickly.
Blocks for stacking and, much affected by very young children, loading and clearing. Wooden building blocks in bags, in bowls and boxes … in and out. And then start from all over again.
Also very popular with the little ones: wooden balls. Have you ever seen the fascination exerts a slowly rolling ball on a toddler?
A well-designed mix of wooden figures and blocks are the perfect companions for the little ones when they playfully discover the world. It`s the simple things that gifts kids the best playground – their own fantasy world.

Rosemeyers handmade wooden building blocks open unlimited building possibilities for young adventurers aged up from one year. Inspired by the idea of Maria Montessori we want every child to learn by playing according to his preferences and talents.

educational toys with a green soul

Rosemeyers wooden building blocks set on the natural variety of the wonderful local woods. We find that no color is necessary, where nature itself wielded the paintbrush.
The wooden blocks are sealed with linseed oil mix, which is certified according to the European Toy Safety Standard. It protects, maintains and cheers the natural color and makes the wood in moderation impervious to moisture.
All block sets are delivered in natural colored GOTS certified cotton bag.

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