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Something new, something nice and something special – creative playing ideas made of natural wood

Rosemeyer wooden toys sharpen the senses, awaken curiosity and stimulate the imagination. Pure shapes, restrained color shades and child-friendly designs promote intelligence, motor skills and sense of aesthetics. Let yourself be inspired by creative playing ideas with natural wooden toys.

The return to native toys invites children to touch, feel, grasp and build. With wooden toys the kids can experience fascinating worlds with all their senses.

Uncolored wooden toys made of local wood ensure wholesomeness and meet the highest ecological criteria.

Wooden building blocks – exciting adventures with unlimited possibilities

Promote the finger dexterity and fine motor of curious explorers with pedagogically valuable wooden toys, those support the healthy childhood development. The Rosemeyers team is guided the kid`s preferences and develops toys from local wood – with a focus on trends, security and ease of use. „Sustainability through quality and regionality.”

Wooden building blocks are among the most popular toys, because children can express their creativity without any specifications. They also train the mathematical and spatial awareness. Rosemeyer wooden blocks enable exciting adventure play with unforeseen construction options. Have a look at the wooden block set CURVED in form of biconcave lenses. The innovative components easily access each other and bring totally new ideas on the construction sites in the kid`s room.

A particularly wide variety provides the wooden block set „BERLIN ARCHITECT“. Adventurous players up from 1 year experience with the different sized characters, blocks and balls. The unexpected ways to play make the little girls and boys bright eyes. For infants the block sets are ideally suited due to their well-manageable quantity.

Nice ride on toys – dear friends in beautiful kid`s design

The dearest ride on`s are going to inspire your children. Whether turtle, bunny or crocodile – the cute ride on toys have no sharp angles and no sundries are installed. Due to the sophisticated design each ride becomes a funny trip. For the handmade wooden toys the creative minds at Rosemeyers process wood from the local area. The wooden ride on`s guarantee maximum driving pleasure and train due to mobility co-ordination and balance. The washable covers can be removed in no time at all and are able for dryer.

Don`t worry, the flexible soft casters are suitable for all floor coverings. The ride on toys meet the strictest environmental criteria, give comfort and last longer than one generation of children.

Rosemeyers playing ideas – educational toys inspired by the Montessori concept

The educational toys by Rosemeyers are true classics and give your kids an understanding of natural materials in a playful way. The special thing about wooden toys following the Montessori-Idea is the stimulative nature which wants the kids to learn while playing. Each wooden toy awakens the child’s curiosity and the joy of playful learning. The principle of Montessori education implies the voluntary learning after individual demands. At Rosemeyers playground there are wooden toys for different age groups, adapted to the individual development steps.

Ride on toys, wooden building blocks – Rosemeyers team designs and manufactures ecological wooden toys, making kids, adults and the environment happy. The team also focuses on fair production processes. Immerse into the cheerful toy world and offer your little explorer pure fun with smart wooden toys, which unleashes the imagination.