wooden blocks CURVED Edition Oak


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  • 30 wooden blocks in a biconcave shape
  • 1,97 inch long and 0,79 inch high
  • sealed with linseed oil mix (DIN EN 71) – physiologically harmless
  • hand sanded
  • packed in a GOTS-certified cotton bag
  • designed and manufactured in Germany

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wooden building blocks CURVED Edition Oak

From a static point of view, beautiful natural wooden blocks in the form of a biconcave lens offer completely new possibilities. Due to the slight interlocking, even inclined structures can become stable. The surfaces, which are slightly velvety due to the oiling, contribute to a better hold.

Children expand and refine their finger dexterity, especially when building towers and rows or more sophisticated, interlocking constructions. The required fine motor skills avoid rough and fast movements. The children learn that building works best in peace and with perseverance. They try out patient and careful work. You will understand the special properties of a building block and its various construction options. Building and designing with building blocks stimulates the imagination and promotes creativity, especially because children can experience that they can let off steam without any guidelines.

Inspired by the Montessori concept, the children are encouraged to try out and implement their own ideas.

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