Candle holder DESSERT FRUIT

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Noble wooden candle holders for creative staged interior worlds

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candle holders - Pure design, impressive woods and guaranteed to be unique

No living accessory is so explicitly for relaxation and well-being such as candle holders. In the glow of a warm light we can leave the daily routine behind us. A cold autumn evening, a rustling bubble bath and a couple of candles - the perfect way to relax after a long day. Many of the best moments in our lives are illuminated by candlelight: marriage proposals, baptisms, birthdays. And what would be the major holidays without candlelight in great candle holders, those are real eye catcher?

Modern and cozy, colorful but never bold, extraordinary and yet homey

Tinged with red and a slim silhouette the candle holder "Sugar Plum" of oiled plum wood charmes and conjures up a great atmosphere in a feminine design style. The beautiful candle holders set "Dark & White" in chocolate-style impresses with sophisticated look and charming touch. The white ceramic spouts accentuate the light and dark wood tone with subtle sophistication. Classic elegance bring the maple candle holders "White Nights" to your table. The perfect form fits into any interior. And the colorful candle holder quartet "Miss Maple and friends"candle holders set Ms MAPLE and FRIENDS proves from the finest local wood, which produces extraordinary colors of nature. Let yourself be inspired by Rosemeyers unconventional home accessories.
Rosemeyers candle holders impress with the beauty of their wood – from apple to plum. These familiar exotics do not need bells and whistles. Pure designs let come out the incredible grain of the wood and the flattering candlelight does the rest. Our woods are exclusively from our region. The special attraction makes the huge color spectrum of these kinds of wood. Very specifically: the apple wood surprises with the wildest grains. For no other candle holders the term “unique” pertain that much.
Like all our items the candle holders are sealed with a linseed oil mix. That cares and protects and cheers the natural color of wood. The noble white ceramic spouts and natural warm wood interact in a very classy manner. We have designed the spouts for all standard taper candles with a diameter of 18-22 mm.
They are a perfect complement for the trendy Scandinavian lifestyle. But also in combination with the industrial look Rosemeyers candle holders make a good impression.

  • 15 part candle strap for three candles - about 31.5 inch (80 cm) long
  • dark walnut, cherry, pear, plum and wild apple
  • wooden surface treated with a linseed oil mix
  • three white ceramic grommets
  • bright, vegetable tanned leather strap
  • suitable for commercial candles 0.70 to 0.78  inch (1.8 to 2.0 cm)
  • designed and manufactured in Germany
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Rosemeyers - made to lastDesign Kerzenhalter Tafelobst von Rosemeyers.LIVE

Candle holder DESSERT FRUIT

Nature has designed the fruit woods in our environment equally colorful as the fruits that we love that much. Plums, cherries, apples, pears, and nuts can decorate your home – in durable version – as design candle holder DESSERT FRUIT.

The most beautiful pieces of regional fruit woods are sanded into real worry stones done by hand and provided with a bright leather strap.

Your imagination is unlimited in field of decoration. You can thread the strap how do you like it most and place it, where ever you want. Whether as a circle or as a line – these wonderful design candle holder will draw everyone’s attention.


Depending on the occasion or place of decoration by the design candlesticks, you can use the form or the additional decorations on the candle holder change. It can therefore be the design candle holder easy to Christmas in a christmas wreath or advent wreath with a bit of cinnamon and pine or on Easter with fresh branches individually. The own creativity are thus as good as no limits.

Are you looking for further decoration possibilities for expansion or coma combination with the candle holder table fruit? Then take a look at our design candle CHAIN REACTION and combined to enable these beautiful chandeliers with the design candle Sugar Plum.