Key racks made of effectively combined woods

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Key racks made of effectively combined woods including two matching wooden key sticks

The hall is the first room of your home, the room for the first impression par excellence.
With Rosemeyers clever organizers made of local wood you give your entrance distinctive highlights – aesthetically, noble, straightforward.
With wild grains or understated elegance the key racks excel in heartwood beech, walnut, maple, plum and oak. A heavyweight in solid construction that guaranteed makes impression. The exclusive key racks are manufactured with eight holes for key sticks. You will also receive two matching key sticks of dark walnut completed with a stylish genuine bright leather strap to fix your keys.

Which edition of key racks corresponds to your decorating style?

Beaming bright maple with a delicate stripe of reddish plum or do you love it particularly modern and purist. In that case the key rack oak with a subtle application of maple could be the product of choice. For the third model we have combined the wild beech heartwood with the elegant dark walnut.
Every single key rack is an impressive massive heavyweight with a thickness of 4 cm and about 5 kg. They are to hang up with a specially designed wall mount that disappears out of sight behind the board.
Despite the massiveness the boards give an illusion of floating.

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