Candle holder SUGAR PLUM

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  • precious unique candle holder sugar plum
  • elegantly curved chalice made of plum
  • 9.45 inch (24 cm) tall
  • white ceramic spout
  • suitable for commercial candles 0.7 to 0.78 inch (1.8 to 2.0 cm)
  • wooden surface treated with a linseed oil mix
  • designed and manufactured in Germany


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unique candle holder SUGAR PLUM

Reddish wood of the plum with inclusions from pink to purple caught in a tall slender silhouette. The sparkling white spout highlights the particularly feminine appearance of these unique candle holder. Equipped with a rose-colored candle, this lady shines in the most beautiful shades, tres chic.

Because we only manufacture regional wood and plum wood is very seldom and precious. That’s why the unique candle holders “Sugar Plum” are only available as special editions with limited quantities.

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