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Soft cuddly cushions – cheeky fruits for more comfort

Fruits are healthy – even in the snuggly variant. Our cuddly cushions are perfect for cozy moments in the children room.

In future cherries and co find their place not only in the fruit bowl, but as cuddly variant in the kid`s room.

The cushions apple tree and pear tree transform any kid`s kingdom in a little garden paradise. The woven cotton fibers, made in Germany, nestle gently on sensitive children’s skin.

Cuddly cushions for moments of fun

Whether cuddly cushion pear or fruit – the lovingly crafted kid`s cuddly cushions are characterized by durability and style. All cushions are washable, dryable and produced according to strict ecological guidelines. Your little darling can cuddle careless with this vitamin-packed kid`s cushions.

The small plush pillow sheet of pollution-free organic fibers acts as a clever natural healer. At the backside a pocket is integrated, which can host a grain or heating pad. The sweet cushion is the perfect comforter to fight stomachache and cold feet.

Let your little ones have fun with pears, apples and cherries. Guaranteed organic and guaranteed stain-free.

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